The Found Theatre Marquee


599 Long Beach Blvd. at 6th St.
Long Beach, CA 90802

Located in Bike-Friendly Downtown Long Beach. The Metro Blue Line 5th St. Station and a Free Passport Shuttle Bus Stop Are Located Directly In Front of The Theatre.

Free 2 Hour Parking In The CityPlace Lot (enter from 5th or 6th Sts.) and Plenty of Free Street Parking after 6 p.m. and on Sundays.

by phone: 562-433-3363
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The Found Theatre has moved to a new home!
Here’s your chance to be a part of it all.

The Found’s new home is on the corner of 6th street and Long Beach Blvd. (just one block from our old space). Was made possible by assistance from the Redevelopment Agency and the Public Corporation for the Arts, and by the generosity of Developers Diversified Realty Corporation, the developer of downtown’s stunning new CityPlace. The Found’s new home is part of DDR’s One Percent for Art contribution to Long Beach. We are honored, thrilled, and very excited!

We wanted to make the most of our impressive new facade, so we successfully joined forces with local artist and metalsmith, Dwight Bennett, in making a Public Art Grant proposal to the PCA for identifiers to set it off. Comedy/tragedy masks always say “live theatre.” Since the Found never takes a traditional approach to anything, we asked Dwight to create a series of variations on the old stand-by, based on traditional masks from the African, Mexican, and Cambodian cultures, to celebrate our diverse downtown population. Representing American kitsch (which we so often turn to for plots) will be the Smiley Face and its frowning counterpart. These designs have been turned into 5” diameter white brass medallions that have been set around the door frame and on the side walls, and soon will be set in the pavers near the theatre entrance.

Dwight did an A-1 job on the designs, and we wish to thank our cultural consultants, Professor Akinsonya Kambon, John and Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, and Peter Ochoa, for their invaluable assistance.

So, how can you get involved? To provide the needed matching funds for our Public Art Grant, we are offering a “Buy One, Sponsor One” opportunity to our loyal Found supporters. For $60.00, you can purchase a beautiful 1 1/4” diameter white brass replica of one of the eight designs while sponsoring the 5” medallions that will decorate the Found. If we sell enough medallions, we’ll also be able to put four 4 ft. diameter (one from each ethnic set) masks on the upper part of the building, above the marquee. DDR is generously providing us with a handsome lighted marquee which will include the Theatre’s name and space to announce current and upcoming productions. Talk about visibility! Everybody’s going to know where we are now. Call Virginia at 562-433-3363 to offer your financial support.

African/Tragedy  African/Tragedy
African/Comedy African/Comedy
Cambodian/Tragedy  Cambodian/Tragedy
Cambodian/Comedy Cambodian/Comedy
Caucasian/Tragedy Caucasian/Tragedy
Caucasian/Comedy Caucasian/Comedy
Mexican/Tragedy Mexican/Tragedy
Mexican/Comedy Mexican/Comedy




You asked...and now we’ve delivered. The music from two of the Found Theatre’s all-time biggest hits, A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY BEACH BLANKET BINGO and the DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY TRAILER PARK MUSICAL, is now available on CD. Professionally mastered and recorded, and featuring the irresistible music of Drayfus Grayson, these red-hot recordings include vocal performances by Southern California pop diva Kerry Getz, along with Found Theatre favorites Joyce Hackett, Lauren Nave, and Beverly Shields.
Supply is limited. Order yours today for just $10 (that’s right, two big musicals for just $10) plus $2 shipping and handling. Stop trying to describe these hilarious songs to your friends: buy them a copy, for Pete’s sake! We’ll waive the shipping cost (to the same address) on any additional CDs ordered.
Send check payable to:
The Found Theatre
599 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90802
Or purchase yours at the theatre!